Our Vision

To be an intentional church family devoted to the hearing of God’s word, and the doing of God’s word; a distinguished community who intentionally gathers, equips, and serves together, for the glory of God.




Brent Beck

Lead Pastor/Elder

Brent serves as Lead Pastor/Elder of Youngstown Metro Church. Him and his wife, Bethany, have been married since 2011 and they have a 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls)! Brent has earned his BA from Liberty University, and is currently pursuing his mDiv from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Brent has been serving in ministry since 2008 beginning at Old North Church, Canfield, and has a deep passion to preach/teach God's Word with precision as scripture drives each of his sermons expositionally. Brent loves to support the success of others, and is dedicated to raising up leaders for Christ through support, equipping, and training. Being born and raised in Youngstown, he is very passionate about this city and is active in the community, serving on various boards and committees to build relationships with surrounding organizations and churches of all denominations for the glory of God.

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Brad Weber

Associate Pastor/Elder

Brad serves as Associate Pastor/Elder of Youngstown Metro Church. Him and his wife, Christine, have been married since 2016 and resides in Poland with their 2 dogs, Rory and Tiger. Brad currently hosts video podcasts on his platform Theology Nights and runs his own media company called Weber Media. Brad is driven with a heart for sound doctrine which is fueled for his love for God’s people. Brad highly values biblical teaching/preaching as well, and contributes to the life of the church through scriptural accountability. He is a “guardian of truth” and God uses him well in this capacity at Youngstown Metro Church.


Rick Deschenes


Rick serves as an Elder of Youngstown Metro Church. Him and his wife, Ester, have been married since 2016 and reside in Boardman. Rick has a graduate degree & PhD in Civil Engineering and currently works as a professor at YSU in their graduate level Engineering program. He is well known among the church family for his biblical knowledge and application of scripture. He is “applicator of truth” and God uses him well in this capacity at Youngstown Metro Church.


Lex Prindle

Pastoral Intern

Lex has been serving in the role of Pastoral Intern for the summer of 2019 season. He is planning on studying on campus at our Southern Baptist Theological Seminary starting in Fall 2019 as he is pursuing his mDiv with a call to be a Lead Pastor. His role involves heavily in preparing him for the “behind-the-scenes” ministry work in the local church, and includes completing an Elder Discipleship reading plan with the Elders, he attends special segments of the Elder’s meetings, and is given some opportunities to preach and teach throughout the summer.



Elizabeth Kendall


Elizabeth serves as Deaconess at Youngstown Metro Church. She currently resides in Poland and has been a faithful church member since 2014. With the heart of a servant, she has served alongside others in supporting the body of the church through numerous practical means. She also sings on the music team and loves music, and oversees the safety of the facility and building management.


Christine Weber


Christine serves as Treasurer at Youngstown Metro Church. She and Brad have been married since 2016 and have 2 dogs, Rory and Tiger. Christine oversees the financial business/affairs of the church and has been a team member at Home Savings Bank & Loan for many years. She also has earned her Masters degree in Psychology and has a counseling practice locally here in Youngstown. Counseling services are also available through Christine by request.


Christina Galios

Children’s Ministry Director

Christina serves as the Children’s Ministry Director at Youngstown Metro Church. She leads the team of volunteers and manages the schedule (all volunteers are background checked annually). She is dedicated to children’s discipleship and Safety as she promotes a safe and healthy atmosphere for all children from newborn-10 years old to grow to know Jesus Christ. Most of all, she is a prayer warrior for the kids and volunteers.


Sophia Verde

Children’s Ministry Assistant

Sophia serves as the Children’s Ministry Assistant at Youngstown Metro Church. She oversees the usage and creative use of our Children’s Ministry department, is passionate about creating a fun and safe environment for kids to grow in their faith. Sophia heads-up the planning fun events for Children to be involved in during “big church” and other events throughout the year for the kids.